Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Web Developer
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  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Experience: 3 Years
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Job Summary

The Web Developer is responsible for designing, coding and modifying web solutions, websites, web portals, from layout to function and according to clients. Strive to create visually appealing web solutions that feature user friendly design, clear navigation, quality and a competitive edge.

The culture and ethos of the role is directed towards high quality development, excellent project management skills and outstanding customer service.

Responsibilities will include but will not necessarily be limited to:
  • Specifications, requirements and overall data gathering.
  • Routine daily monitoring and maintenance of existing web solutions.
  • Member of the Change Advisory Board (CAB) and attend CAB meetings.
  • Take ownership of daily project needs and communications.
  • Communicate project status and deliverables with managers.
  • Develop and maintain internal and external web solutions as directed by the Project Manager.
  • Creation of site layout/user interface from provided design concepts by using standard HTML/CSS practices.
  • Perform updates and web solution implementation.
  • Stay abreast of advances in technology.
  • Placement and layout of web site pages including proofreading customer provided content.
  • Providing professional and cost-effective recommendations.
  • Development of robust and user-friendly web-based applications.
  • Design and creation of relational database schemas.
  • Design create and program SQL Server databases per project needs.
  • Application/Framework design as needed.
Qualification and Specialist Skills
  • Proven experience in effectively managing a diverse set of software development teams, working on multiple projects.
  • Proven knowledge of software development life cycles.
  • Demonstrated ability in planning, time management, communication, decision-making, presentation, and organizational skills.