Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Job Summary: Looking for a Project Coordinator in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Job Key Details:

  • Plan, design and manage the construction projects
  • Maintain occupational health and safety compliance at the site
  • Assist subordinate staff with relevant information on construction work
  • Fix construction problems as soundly as possible
  • Carry out surveys at the sites
  • Serve as the quality control and assurance to ensure the project objectives are attained
  • Assist in budgeting for the project
  • Collect construction materials and verify them
  • Coordinate with local authorities, environmental agencies as well as statutory authorities and government departments on the requirements and implications of the construction projects
  • Assist in controlling the cost of the materials and labor
  • Plan the construction work
  • Monitor and maintain project plans, project schedules, work hours as well ad budgets
  • Make sure the project starts on time and ends within the required time frame
  • Carry out any other related task as may be required
Job Qualifications and Experience
  • Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Minimum 2+ years of experience working as a project coordinator or a similar position
  • Must have good knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements, standards as well as procedures
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Expertise in Ms Office suite
  • Strong leadership abilities